How to schedule a meeting

This site is for viewing conference room calendars and to help you determine what spaces are available.

Depending on your access you maybe only be able to see only free/busy or make changes to events.
To view the google calendars:

  • You must be logged in with your X500 not your account
  • After your logged in with your X500 google account you will be able to see the calendars on this site

To schedule your meeting:
Please contact your administrative professional to reserve and confirm your reservation.

Condensed Matter Physics
Shelley Frankel [email protected]

High Energy Physics and Biophysics
Vacant Position

Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics
Katie Sauer [email protected]
Angie Stehr [email protected] 

Nulcear/Space Physics
Angie Stehr [email protected] 

William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute
Meghan Murray [email protected]
Alicia Canfield [email protected]